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Package in the mail!!!!

Last night when my friend and I left, I was just anticipating going home, spending time with my husband, and visiting with my friend. When I got home, I found there had been a notice stuck in my mail box telling me I'd had a package waiting for me at the post office, since no one was there to hand deliver it to.

To bring you up to speed on some things, I lost my son, Wolfgang, to S.I.D.S. 5 years ago, and my daughter, Brittanney, to anencephaly almost 3 years ago. For the longest time, I didn't really allow myself to open up enough to read any of the books they had about grieving for a child who's died. This summer, I made a sub-conscious decision to do just that. I was at the library one day and found quite by accident a book called _Children_of_The_Dome_ by Rosemary Smith. I read that book cover-to-cover. It only took a few hours, as I couldn't put it down. :-) One night, I had done some serious hard-core thinking and decided to track this woman down, via phone. I called information several times, trying to find this woman's phone #. I felt I had to talk to her. I finally got the # right (after calling a lot of people here and there and finally realizing, wait a minute, maybe it's under this name over here....), and left a message, as she was out of town. Her house-keeper said she (the author) had a web-site, too. She gave me the URL, and whenever I finally remembered to look it up, I signed her guestbook after I got the opportunity to see what she'd set up. I'd also contacted a woman that was in the book about a newsletter that was mentioned in the book, and we've struck up a correspondence over e-mail. :-)

I am so tickled about this! I just had to share!
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